Carolyn Dew Carolyn Dew

UX design and research in the civic space

PDK International Membership Renewals


This nonprofit, professional association for educators had a membership renewal process that had evolved unchecked over many years. Due to staff turnover, no one person in the organization had a full understanding of the renewals process in place. With many membership types and renewal processes, we needed to fully analyze the membership types, statuses (e.g. current, expired, etc.) and renewal functions to get a complete picture.

What I Did

  • Worked with a cross-functional team of staff and an outside development team to streamline the renewals process from the user perspective.
  • Identified user types and created story maps for the online renewal process for each
  • Facilitated discussions about design throughout the project, progressing from low-fidelity sketches up to full HTML/CSS comps
  • Iterated on the design based on feedback and changing priorities
  • Created visual design for the direct mail and email campaigns
  • Set up web analytics to track key metrics
table showing renewals user types and required functions
Analysis of user types & online renewal functions
Renewals task flow, before
Online renewals task flow (before)
Revised renewals task flow
Online renewals task flow (revised)
Sketches and Mock-ups
Membership Renewal Email
HTML email templates
Direct Mail Design
Direct Mail

Key Tools and Deliverables

  • problem analysis
  • visual design
  • facilitating design discussions
  • HTML email templates
  • Google Analytics
  • user flows
  • front-end development (HTML/CSS)


Renewal rates right after implementation not only showed an increase in membership renewals, but that members were renewing at earlier touch-points during campaign.