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Turner Broadcasting, Inc. Enterprise Software

Proprietary work! I can't show pictures, but here's my process. Please contact me to learn more about this project.


Turner Broadcasting, Inc. uses custom software to predict how well future television shows would fare on its networks, including CNN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and Turner Sports. Estimates created in this system are the foundation for $4 billion in advertising revenue per year. I worked on a team tasked with updating this software to better accommodate technological and industry-specific changes.

What I Did

  • Reviewed initial user interviews and analysis to get up to speed quickly working on a cross-functional, Agile (Scrum) team
  • Identified key UX objectives based on user feedback and team input
  • Developed research priorities and protocols including usability tests, validating feature ideas, and contextual inquiry
  • Advocated for user needs
  • Facilitated collaborative design sessions
  • Communicated design decisions with developers using a variety of rendering techniques—including wireframes, sketches, and interactive prototypes
  • Developed a front-end pattern library (based on the Atomic Design framework by Brad Frost and Dave Olsen) to ensure consistent and clean styling
  • During transitions, filled in for business analyst roles such as sprint planning, backlog management, and collaborative story writing
  • Contributed to MVP planning and identifying project milestones

Key Tools and Deliverables

  • problem analysis
  • facilitating discussions
  • collaborative design sessions
  • collaborative story grooming
  • user stories
  • front-end development (HTML/CSS)
  • pattern library
  • interactive prototypes (Axure RP)
  • paper prototypes
  • user interviews
  • usability testing
  • MVP planning


This project is ongoing, but early user feedback has been positive. Users have said that the data are easier to read; the layout is more intuitive; and that the new version will not only be easier to use, but will help prevent costly mistakes. We are also implementing analytics to track progress along key metrics.

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